ABOUT US

                OLD JUNEE, NSW

  Most people only know the noble leghorn as the backyard chooks nan 

  and pop had for eggs well here at lovely legs  we have 300+ leghorn

   in both standard and bantam in just about every colour you can think of

    our leghorn come from a long line of  show champions,

     and we are very proud have  added the large buff leghorns to our

     breeding stock

     the colour's  we show  are breed to the Australan standard,


    we have  bantam , silver duckwing, gold duckwing  the gold duckwing

     are a rare breed in Australia .  blue, blue red, brown, white, cuckoo,
     black, red, and working on quail,
     and buff in the large

        so come have a look i think you  love the noble leghorn as much
         as we do


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